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Speech therapy
Specialized Treatment Center - Center for Special Treatments for children and adolescents - Gerakas Attica


When will he speak?
Why aren't you looking at me?
He is 18 months old and eats ground food.
Each time I have to tell him the same thing 10 times to get him to do it.
He doesn't cooperate, he doesn't pay attention to me.
I'm worried that he doesn't have any friends.
I notice how when he talks he "gets stuck" sometimes.
He has some words that are difficult for him, but he is still young, he will say them.
She has been speaking clearly to my girlfriend since she was 2 years old. What am I doing wrong;
He can't remember the colors I've shown him 1000 times.
He only eats potatoes and bread, very difficult to eat.
He is a difficult child, he does not open up.
He is talking but I see other kids making suggestions at his age.

If you are concerned about any of the above, if you have the slightest concern in relation to your child's speech, communication, mobility, perception and feeding, please contact us. Our experienced team of speech therapists will guide you correctly in order to identify a possible difficulty and to deal with it early, with the aim of the well-being of both the child and the whole family.

At Gerakas Specialized Treatment Center, dedicated to improving communication and language skills, we offer high quality speech therapy services. Our speech therapists are specialized professionals based in educational psychology and linguistics, focusing on the development and restoration of speech and language skills.