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Parental counseling
Specialized Treatment Center - Center for Special Treatments for children and adolescents - Gerakas Attica


At Gerakas Specialist Treatment Center, we understand that family life can face challenges and difficulties. Proper parental guidance and support is critical to creating healthy and balanced family relationships. At our center, we offer parenting counseling services aimed at strengthening parenting skills and improving family dynamics.

Our expert parenting consultants are dedicated to providing support and guidance to parents facing various challenges, such as dealing with children's behaviour, managing anxiety and stress, and resolving family difficulties. We tailor our approach to each family, taking into account their needs and special circumstances.

At our center, we offer helpful tips, time management techniques, and tools for developing healthy communication skills with children. We aim to strengthen the relationship between parents and children, promoting mutual understanding and respect.

At Gerakas Specialized Treatment Center, we believe that healthy family life is the foundation of a happy and balanced life. If you are looking for parenting support and guidance, contact us today. We are here to help you create a happy and united family.