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Specialized Treatment Center
Center for Special Treatments for children and adolescents - Gerakas Attica


The Specialized Treatment Center Gerakas and with a 2nd Specialized Treatment Center in Lagadas, Thessaloniki, is a place created with the aim of offering high quality therapeutic intervention to children, adolescents and adults with learning, speech and behavioral difficulties. This space is a modern specialized treatment center, which has the necessary equipment and infrastructure to provide effective treatment.

At Gerakas Treatment Center, the team of professionals that make up the staff are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge in many fields. These professionals aim to achieve the most accurate diagnosis for each case and find the most effective treatment solutions. Every individual difficulty is treated with care and respect for the individual's personality.

At Gerakas Treatment Center, we fully understand the uniqueness and needs of each individual. We have a deep love for children and genuinely care about their families. We understand that each case requires a unique customized treatment plan. Our scientists are committed to providing timely and multidimensional diagnosis and developing personalized treatment programs for each individual case.

At Geraka Treatment Center, our mission is to provide the highest possible quality of therapeutic care and to support individuals and their families on the road to regaining their potential and improving their quality of life. We are available to work with each individual case and offer the support needed to achieve treatment goals.

At Gerakas Specialized Treatment Center, care and love for the health and well-being of individuals is always at the heart of our work. We are here to help and support those who need our specialist treatment, with the aim of giving each person the opportunity to develop their full potential and live a more fulfilling and successful life.